Re: [Harp-L] Songs for country tuned harmonica

On Oct 10, 2011, at 3:17 PM, Degregorio, Jeffery wrote:

> smo-joe - 
> Thanks for the great insight.  Yes, I guess fast playing to (and from)
> the flatted-7th F (on a C harp) would be difficult to accomplish when
> trying to bend to perfect pitch (or at least a close as you can get).  I
> suppose it also depends on the most genre you play.  For blues, me that
> is, it's mostly 12-bar, which I believe you can do with a "sharped 5th".

Yes, for sure. For blues, jazz, pop, actually most, no problem. Blue grass..maybe not. Rocky Top would work, but some others (can't think off hand) maybe not. 

> It makes the 2nd scale blues scale more challenging in that you use
> 2d(3b), 3d',4b, 4d', 4d,5d(now ' bent), 6b (1,3f,4,f5,5,f7,1).  I
> suppose experience and practice in bend/no bend 5d hole will help.

I would say that except for the 3 (fairly easy) bends on the 3 draw, the sharped 5 draw would be next easiest. Then maybe the 2 draw, then the 1, and so forth. 
> Jeff

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