Re: [Harp-L] Songs for country tuned harmonica

On Oct 10, 2011, at 11:47 AM, Brian McInnis wrote:

> Hi List
> A student purchased a country tuned harp in C, he's already playing Danny Boy,
> what are other songs you play on your country tuned harps?
> Thanks
> Brian

Brian, he will open up an whole WORLD of tunes with the country tuning. I have given demonstrations at spah showing this. Show tunes, movie themes, jazz, dixieland, country/western, pop, doo-wop, bee-bop, re-bop, commercials, TV themes. It's all a matter of studying the structure of the tune. In western music the 5th tends to be played 'bright', while some ethnic and blues tend to play it 'blue'. By making the F an F#, this will, cure the missing note on the #5 DRAW...AND you can STILL get the F that was originally there with a (rather) easy bend. So, 2 notes for the price of one...and an addition of literally hundreds of tunes.  

note: I also happen to sometimes tune the #9 reed (also an F) UP 1 sharp (to F#). That allows runs on the upper end without the possibility of a dis-chord. (But he can forego that for a while). lol
This is the tuning I have used since 1960.

smokey Joe (& the Cafes).   

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