Re: [Harp-L] My Opinions on :Gussow in Princeton or messing with the "blues tradition"

Here are MY OPINIONS from what I have read on Harp-L

I read the excerpt from the Adam Gussow article where he expresses that he wants the harmonica to be part of "a more vital and evolving kind of music."

I did not read, "the best and most successful harp players have got it all wrong."

I do agree with "If blues was to really evolve and sound more modern, wouldn't it start to mix in drum machines, beat box rhythms, synthesizers "

I love the quote "" while you were goin' ta Yale , I was goin' to jail . . ." but disagree with the comment "Pretty much sums it up." I see that comment as an attempt to change the subject from harmonica to comparing two players.

I agree with " These discussions are always difficult because they pit change against tradition and strict notions of form against artistic innovation."

I agree with " We need people like Adam who push forward and people like Rick who preserve the past"

As someone that frequents Harp-L and Adam's Modern Blues Harmonica forum I disagree with " his Dirty South blues harp forum is rife with many characters who show sneering disrespect for players such as Little Walter." I cannot recall seeing any disrespect for good players, but this also sounds like an attempt to change the subject.

Bottom line, I have to agree with Adam's point. I find myself wearing a hat and sometimes sunglasses. Joe Filisko once told me, "that lick you're doing doesn't sound right, Little Walter never did anything like that." I will not be the one to usher in a new sound and new place for the harmonica, but I appreciate what Jon Popper, Jason Ricci, and Brandon Bailey (and Adam Gussow) have done so far and listen with interest to what they have to say musically.

Jim Rumbaughã


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