Re: [Harp-L] Wind Saver Maintenance

It's not a problem replacing wind savers on the OUTSIDE... Given a suitable 
 glue, they just sick back on!
And it isn't that hard, doing so on the inside, providing the harmonica  
isn't wooden combed and nailed together! Just take it to bits, and stick the 
new  valves back on.
However,  NEVER take BOTH reed plates off a wood comb at the same  time, 
because... It is likely to warp.
Best of luck!
John "Whiteboy" Walden
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I'm  doing some work on the chromatic harp for my lessons right now.    
With an unusual lull in other areas of my life, I've been able to  put  
in 45-90 minutes of practice a day.  (Woo.)

Some of  the wind savers are starting to curl up away from the reed  
plates,  and some of the notes are starting to sound markedly   
"breathier".  I just re-watched the section of Rupert Oysler's DVD  on  
maintaining chromatic.  (Don't lose those little screw  bumpers!)

I know I'm going to have to go in there.  I'm worried  that I'll screw  
a wind saver up and not be able to get everything  back and playable in  
short order, or worse, not in time for my  lesson next Wednesday.  I  
know what to do.  But I'm a  klutz.  It's just fear.  That's all.

What I'm wondering is,  what's the typical maintenance life of a wind  
saver?  In terms  of playing hours, I suppose.  I mean, is this  
something that  chromatic players do  *all the time*, so I'm just being  
a  whiney-butt about having to do it now, or is it one of those   
infrequent things that I can at least feel justified in grumbling  about?

Thanks in advance.

Elizabeth (aka "All-Thumbs  Lizzie")

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