RE: [Harp-L] RP355 Patches

Hi Al,

If you are down under, I must be up over :-).

Thanks for your input.  So are you bypassing the amp altogether and using
the RP directly into the PA or using a clean amp?  Maybe the Roland
MicroCube _is_ a clean amp, I'm not familiar with it.

.....Pete in Alaska

> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Peter,
> 		Alistair here down under. I have been playing harp now
> for a little more than thirty years, and have in that time played in a
> lot of bands as a pro, and as just an interested participant or guest
> harmonica player. During that time, I have tried many different set
> ups,
> mic's rigs and a whole host of effects pedals.
> I have over the last couple of years 'compromised' as I've always done,
> on the roland micro cube with a line out through the mixing desk. I
> must
> say that overall my $ satisfaction was very high on this set up, and in
> general received a lot of good feed back about sound.
> More recently however I got a bit bored with it all and decided to
> 'upgrade' to the RP355 with Richard Hunter's imported patches.
> All I can say is that it's the best experience I've had in all my years
> and I as well as my audiences are enjoying the fruits of Richard's
> labour.
> His comments are spot on about going through a small tube amp, although
> the FX only patches are great through a keyboard amp.
> Keep at it, like a new pair of shoes it takes time to get comfortable.
> Great work and thanks to RH
> Al in Melbourne

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