Re: [Harp-L] Re: what big harmonica is this?

That is a Hohner 264 Bass Harmonica, which is no longer in production.  This
bass features single reeds, 2-octaves, 29 holes, 29 reeds, and range is G'
to g.  I own one of these and bring it out when I am scheduled to give a
bass harmonica seminar.

Some folks replying seem to be confusing this harp with the "regular" bass,
which is the Hohner 265 Double Bass Harmonica (29 holes, 58 reeds, E1 to
E3,) or the "extended" Hohner 268 (39 holes, 78 reeds, E1 to C4 (middle C)).

For reference purposes, the Hohner 265 is equivalent to the SUZUKI SDB-29,
and the Hohner 268 is equivalent to the SUZUKI SDB-39.  Check out the SUZUKI
Orchestral Double Basses here

George Miklas

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Maka McMahon <makamcmahon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Stevo,
> Re:
> Looks like a 48 Chord Compact - I don't recognise the cover plates and
> can't pick the brand.  I don't think its a Hohner but it looks like a wooden
> comb.  The 48 Chord compacts have two decks with two layers of 12 chords on
> each deck.  The decks are hinged so you can get your nose in the middle when
> playing the bottom deck.
> The harp player is Doug Lyons aka Captain Blue Tongue.  Blues Preachers is
> Sydney based but they occassionally get to Canberra.  The ensemble I play in
> has hosted Doug for a couple of workshops when he's here.  Here does a lot
> of harmonica instruction.
> Maka

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