Re: [Harp-L] That great "Bluesy" stage sound

You will never go wrong with a SM-58 in your kit.  Get a Lo-Hi Transformer
to go with it.  In the years to come, that mic will prove useful over and
over for different uses.  I prefer the 58 over the 57 for a first mic for
several reasons.  The ball on the end makes it easier for me to cup well,
and it's a pretty decent vocal mic in Lo impedance mode.  The 57 is a better
mic with wich to amplify an amp cabinet so it's number 2 on my list.  Either
one will serve you well for decades.

P.S. I have a transformer that I will be willing to part with.
I also have a number of vintage bullets with USA CMs from the 1960s but
those are over that budget of $100.  email OFFLIST for info if you're

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Thanks, What microphones (whether bullet or non-) do most people recommend around $100 or so - not that willing to spend more $$$ wouldn't be done to get a richer sound.

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Of course, you bet! The Vox isn't fully tube, but it has a tube. Lots of people recommend the Epiphone Valve Jr. but I seriously prefer the Vox amps.

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