RE: [Harp-L] That great "Bluesy" stage sound

I guess that makes sense.  Thanks Pat, What sort of tube amp do you or anyone else recommend?  How about microphones?  Basically, instead of playing into a simple stage mike, what equipment is needed?

Jeff DeGregorio

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Neither delay or reverb are going to get you that "bluesy" rash sound. In 
it's purist form; it's the sound of an overdriven microphone plugged into a 
tube amp that is driving the power tubes to distortion through a speaker or 
speakers that are at some degree breaking up.
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Hope everyone's having a good day... This may be a simple question, but I'd 
like to know through experience how that "bluesy" rash sound over an amp can 
be attained.  I know lots of people use it (not sure of the term)- recently 
heard Sonny Terry of Houston use it.  Since I have been playing for 1 ½ 
years now, I want to try working with different sounds.  I have a small 
Peavey amp that only has volume, gain, and simple settings, but no reverb or 
delay on it.  Therefore, I'm looking at getting the Behringer DR400 or DD600 
(the DR has delay and reverb) to connect it to.  Any comparable products out 
there that being used?  Anyone have any ideas what to do/get or setups for 
around $50-100.


Jeff DeGregorio

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