[Harp-L] RE: TurboHarp develpment bench - ELX

For the multiple channel ouput flavor of the ELX might this optical
method of sensing the reed vibration partially eliminate the need for
valves on the chromatic harp?

Valves might not be needed at all in a chromatic ELX harp if there was
one channel of output per reed.

> Response to: sheltraw@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Friday, January 21, 2011 3:38 PM, you asked:
> I just took a look at the TurboHarp page for the electronic harmonica.
> Nice application of optical electronics! Maybe these questions have been
> asked already (I'm new here):
> (1) Is there a wireless version?
> (2) Will it work well on a valved harp?
> (3) Do you have a Chromatic harp version in the works?
> (4) Is this a turbolid in which we insert a diatonic harp of choice or is
> it
> specially made for the Special 20 only?
> Turbodog response:
> All good questions! Sorry my answers will not be as satisfying.
> 1) A wireless version is is on our "wish list"  For the time being, the
> closest thing we can offer is a belt-worn transmitter with 9V battery.
> Unfortunately battery life is not so good.
> If you truly are interested in a wireless electrified harp, I'd refer you
> to
> Richard Smith's Harmonix product. His is different from mine inasmuch as
> it
> incorporates condenser microphone within the harp body, and uses
> proprietary
> harmonica "cartridges" - but is is very beautifully packaged, and
> completely
> self contained.
> 2) Valves on the draw reeds would not be a problem, but on the blow reeds,
> they would obstruct line of sight. I.e. the sensor would not be able to
> "see" the reed. Good question, I never thought of this.
> 3) If by "in the works" you mean in my wildest dreams, then absolutely
> Yes!
> But it has not made it to the development bench.  (This has been a very
> slow
> process for us.)
> 4) To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can use any harmonica you wish... as long
> as its a Special-20 :-)  (or special-20 sized harp... for example a Marine
> Band would also work.)
> Thanks again for your interest, and questions
> Turbodog

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