[Harp-L] Re: TurboHarp develpment bench - ELX

I just took a look at the TurboHarp page for the electronic harmonica.
Nice application of optical electronics! Maybe these questions have been
asked already (I'm new here):

(1) Is there a wireless version?
(2) Will it work well on a valved harp?
(3) Do you have a Chromatic harp version in the works?
(4) Is this a turbolid in which we insert a diatonic harp of choice or
is it specially made for the Special 20 only?

> From:  [mailto:sheltraw@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Responding to: sheltraw@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Friday, January 21, 2011 1:51 PM, you asked:
> "What is the "electric" harmonica? Does it still have reeds?"
> Turbodog response:
> Thanks for your interest. You can think of the electric harmonica as
> analagous to an electric guitar. It has reeds, and you play it the same
> way
> as an acoustic harp - with bending, overbending, etc.... but it produces
> an
> electrical signal that you can plug directly into your amplifier.  Since
> it
> actually contains an acoustic harp (typically Hohner Special-20), it might
> be more accurate to compare to an acoustic guitar with a soundhole pickup
> (like Lawrence pickup)  You can learn more from:
> http://www.turboharp.com/harmonicas_future.asp
> Thanks again for asking.

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