RE: [Harp-L] BLUEgrass

I agree.  That's some tasty harmonica.
Tom McGovern
Richmond, MI

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Hey Bob, thanks for listening. I, like many on this list love to play
and spent a good decade and a half playing amplified "Chicago Style",
chasing that holy grail of tone - and had a great fun doing it. As a
teen I
started playing old time fiddle music, folk and social music on the
harp and have now come full circle.  What's cool is that I get to bring
Chicago chops to this acoustic music and in the case of artists like
Monroe there's lots of blues in his grass.  If you're curious to hear
what I
mean check out our version of Kentucky Waltz on our YouTube site and
hear a straight up blues solo over that classic bluegrass standard. Come
think of it, there's not too many blues waltzes, hm?

Trip Henderson ~ NYC

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Hey! That's my kinda music! Thanks muchly ...

Bob Loomis
Concord CA USA

Trip Henderson wrote:
"The Whistling Wolves are on the air . . . well, we're on YouTube
anyway. We
just signed up for our very own site and have posted several
from the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. here you go . . ."

Trip Henderson

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