[Harp-L] BLUEgrass

Hey Bob, thanks for listening. I, like many on this list love to play blues
and spent a good decade and a half playing amplified "Chicago Style",
chasing that holy grail of tone - and had a great fun doing it. As a teen I
started playing old time fiddle music, folk and social music on the short
harp and have now come full circle.  What's cool is that I get to bring my
Chicago chops to this acoustic music and in the case of artists like Bill
Monroe there's lots of blues in his grass.  If you're curious to hear what I
mean check out our version of Kentucky Waltz on our YouTube site and you'll
hear a straight up blues solo over that classic bluegrass standard. Come to
think of it, there's not too many blues waltzes, hm?


Trip Henderson ~ NYC

From: Robert Loomis <ukulelebob39@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Re: Whistling Wolves
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Hey! That's my kinda music! Thanks muchly ...

Bob Loomis
Concord CA USA

Trip Henderson wrote:
"The Whistling Wolves are on the air . . . well, we're on YouTube anyway. We
just signed up for our very own site and have posted several performances
from the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. here you go . . ."



Trip Henderson

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