Re: [Harp-L] lowering the pitch of a reed with solder

I can confirm that,I lowered a C to Bb two years ago and the blue tack is still on..amazing really.It is a great way to try a new tuning because it just scrapes off.A bit fiddly to put it on but much easier in my experience than mucking round with solder.
Secret to it is figure out how much you need to put on a reed,half that,half it again and then when you have it stuck be prepared to remove
some more ;-)
in NZ
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I used to use solder;thanks to Brendan Power, I now use Blu-Tack. Can't remember what it's marketed as in the US, but it's a darn sight easier than messing with solder, and it actually stays put which amazed me. I have a low F SP 20 that I lowered to E about two years ago, and it's still OK. You can easily remove it too. or make mnor adjustments with ease.

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first gently brush solder gel on the reed tip (this helps the solder adhere). then, let a small drop of solder drip onto the tip.

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Subject: [Harp-L] lowering the pitch of a reed with solder

Can anyone advise me on the technique of lowering the pitch of a reed with solder?

All my efforts have flown away on the first 'plink'
Thanks in advance

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