Re: [Harp-L] lowering the pitch of a reed with solder

I used to use solder;thanks to Brendan Power, I now use Blu-Tack. Can't remember what it's marketed as in the US, but it's a darn sight easier than messing with solder, and it actually stays put which amazed me. I have a low F SP 20 that I lowered to E about two years ago, and it's still OK. You can easily remove it too. or make mnor adjustments with ease.

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first gently brush solder gel on the reed tip (this helps the solder adhere). then, let a small drop of solder drip onto the tip.

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Can anyone advise me on the technique of lowering the pitch of a reed with 

All my efforts have flown away on the first 'plink'
Thanks in advance


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