Re: [Harp-L] Cleaning - Bar Keeper's Friend substitute?

Home Depot carries Bar Keepers Friend in powdered form, which is what I use, and I think it works great. After cleaning I rinse w/ water and dip in Isopropal alcohol 

Thanks Jerry, 

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I am of the understanding that is not very 
easy to find at the local store (hopefully, I am wrong). Is there a more 
generic and easy to find substitute? I will order if I need to, but I am 
sick of only finding things online, lol. I picked up a G Marine Band from 
the 60's in an eBay auction and after my general cleaning procedure, it need 
some more cleaning. 

Honestly, it was the dirtiest harp I had ever seen. The cover plates have 
some rust and crud that I will deal with down the line, but there is a build 
up beyond oxidization on a few of the reeds. Everything plinked and rang 
just fine - in fact, it wasn't even too badly out of tune. The comb was 
DISGUSTING. There was a ton of build up and it was obviously chucked. 

At any rate, my goal is just to get the harp restored and working - I have 
not plans to mod it beyond arcing and gapping. Yesterday, all I did was 
take it a part and put it through a couple rounds in an ultrasonic cleaner 
and then brush them with a toothbrush (not mine, my wife's). I am just 
hesitant to add anything to the reeds and reedplates that might hurt them 
and have heard excellent things about this product. This is one of those 
projects where if I have five minutes to myself, I will noodle with it, and 
waiting for stuff in the mail makes is less appealing. 

Mike Fugazzi 
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