[Harp-L] Chromatic cover lids modification

All this recent talk about which Chromatics to buy got me thinking about trying the
Chromatic again for playing Blues. I have 2 key of C's, a Hohner CX-12 and a Hering
Velvet Voice 48. The CX-12 is too shrill for me compared to the Velvet Voice. I like the
rich smooth sound of the Velvet Voice. However, the top and bottom cover plates on the
Velvet Voice curled around toward the comb in the back of the harp which narrows the
back opening suppressing the sound. I am sure this is by design.

The CX-12 has a very large opening in the back. Can the cover plates on the Velvet
Voice be filed down with a Dremel tool or similar device to open up the back? I am not
a customizer nor do I want to screw-up a perfectly good harp.

Any help would be appreciated.


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