[Harp-L] Re: About Golden Melody Plates

I would first see if you could get an undrilled custom comb.  Maybe
it'd save you some trouble?  It is pretty easy to remove the
overhanging part of the reedplate.  Even a Dremel cutting bit (not
disc) would work.  Actually, if you went with a dymonwood GM comb, you
could cut the excess reedplate off and get the plates mounted.  Then
you could sand the perimeter of the harp/plates to get everything
flush.  It will also look super sweet.

I would also check to make sure the draw plates don't rattle against
the coverplate when you play it.  There are mods for that too, but you
eventually get to the point of wondering if the efforts are worth it,

Anyone else have experience creating a Low F GM?  I remember Dennis M.
sending one to Joe Spiers to work on.  It might be fun to make it

On Jan 5, 9:21 pm, "sam Blancato" <samblanc...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Please excuse my 51 year old middle aged guy memory but I seemed to have
> forgotten a basic fact about Hohners (I try to learn new things but some
> part of my brain just won't give up worthless crap like old episodes of
> Gomer Pyle [as opposed to new episodes- ha ha] so I'm running out of room).
> Any way, am I right that Sp. 20, Marine Band, and Golden Melody models all
> use the same reed plate?  I want to put a Low F plate on a GM comb.
> Sam Blancato, Pittsburgh

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