[Harp-L] Re: more info on AC power for Kinder AFB+

Would it be possible for you to share pictures?

On Jan 3, 2:34 pm, David Brown <nonides...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Another reply regarding the set-up.......
> Hi Thomas.
> The key here, AND THIS IS CRITICAL, is that the AFB+ *MUST* have the battery
> terminal leads run into power channels that are ISOLATED from each other.
> Other than that, you should be aware that altering the case by drilling or
> cutting it, clipping the existing battery leads, or otherwise altering the
> AFB+'s guts voids it's warranty. I found that there was enough space between
> the top and bottom sections of the case to allow me to run the cables out of
> the unit's metal case. I then connected 9V battery leads (purchased from the
> Voodoo Lab. See note below * ) to the leads hanging out of the AFB+.THis
> does not require cutting any wires as they just snap together. I then
> wrapped them in electical tape to add protection and security to the wires
> and then plugged them both into (2) seperate 9 volt power outputs on my
> Pedal Power 2 unit.
> Now I just use the unit as part of my effects chain. I still disconnect the
> AFB input&output 1/4" jacks  out of habit.
> *http://www.voodoolab.com/cables.htm
> 9V Battery Snap (straight)
> PPBAT: $3.50 - Approximately 21” long, end-to-end.

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