[Harp-L] more info on AC power for Kinder AFB+

Another reply regarding the set-up.......

Hi Thomas.

The key here, AND THIS IS CRITICAL, is that the AFB+ *MUST* have the battery
terminal leads run into power channels that are ISOLATED from each other.
Other than that, you should be aware that altering the case by drilling or
cutting it, clipping the existing battery leads, or otherwise altering the
AFB+'s guts voids it's warranty. I found that there was enough space between
the top and bottom sections of the case to allow me to run the cables out of
the unit's metal case. I then connected 9V battery leads (purchased from the
Voodoo Lab. See note below * ) to the leads hanging out of the AFB+.THis
does not require cutting any wires as they just snap together. I then
wrapped them in electical tape to add protection and security to the wires
and then plugged them both into (2) seperate 9 volt power outputs on my
Pedal Power 2 unit.

Now I just use the unit as part of my effects chain. I still disconnect the
AFB input&output 1/4" jacks  out of habit.

9V Battery Snap (straight)
PPBAT: $3.50 - Approximately 21” long, end-to-end.


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