Re: [Harp-L] Spah Website Content

Manfred states:

<<SPAH's objectives are to cultivate, develop, improve, foster, promote, 
preserve and advance the harmonica and harmonica playing.  SPAH respects the 
colorful past of the harmonica, while advancing its acceptance as a bonafide 
musical instrument.  Among the membership, which hails from the far reaches of 
the globe, are individuals and entire families, accomplished musicians as well 
as beginners, the young and the senior citizen.  Many of the members have played 
or do play the harmonica professionally.  All styles of music and all types of 
harmonicas are welcome.  In other words, SPAH is very inclusive.
     The SPAH Website was created to support SPAHâs objectives and its 
membership, and to support harmonica musicians and harmonica vendors throughout 
the entire harmonica community.  We will do this by communicating about our 
organization, other harmonica organizations, events, websites and other 
information about harmonicas, harmonica players and harmonica music.>>

These are all great aspirations. As a matter of fact, they seem to be the same aspirations as those in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, etc. They even echo the "SPAH Entrepreneurial Leadership", pre 2001.
I think what everyone is interested in is seeing the site embrace 2011 (or at least the 21st century) in how it goes about improving its web presence. Frequently, comments have been asked for by the "SPAH Corporate Leadership" over the last few years. A lot of great comments have already been offered in past postings and most recently on Modern Blues Harmonica forum.
I believe most of the best ideas have already been mentioned. (Similar to those blues harmonica seminars in which the presenter starts by asking what the attendees want to learn and then writes on the blackboard "note bending, trills, single note playing, tongue blocking, Little Walter riffs, what are "changes", how to play octaves, blow bending, overblowing" as they are called out. Nice way to make everyone feel a part of the seminar, but seem to be pretty much the same basic stuff every time this question is asked).
Aren't most interested harmonica players now curious as to what and how changes will be implemented? Perhaps the new interest in a possible change of leadership will bring forth some specifics from the candidates themselves to get us excited about the possibilities.
Long Live Advancement.

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