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 Since beginning my new role as SPAH Web Content Manager, I have been asked a number of times, âWhat kind of content are you seeking?â 
 SPAH's objectives are to cultivate, develop, improve, foster, promote, preserve and advance the harmonica and harmonica playing. SPAH respects the colorful past of the harmonica, while advancing its acceptance as a bonafide musical instrument. Among the membership, which hails from the far reaches of the globe, are individuals and entire families, accomplished musicians as well as beginners, the young and the senior citizen. ÂMany of the members have played or do play the harmonica professionally. ÂAll styles of music and all types of harmonicas are welcome. In other words, SPAH is very inclusive.
 The SPAH Website was created to support SPAHâs objectives and its membership, and to support harmonica musicians and harmonica vendors throughout the entire harmonica community. ÂWe will do this by communicating about our organization, other harmonica organizations, events, websites and other information about harmonicas, harmonica players and harmonica music. Thatâs a lot of ground to cover, so input from the SPAH membership and the harmonica community is very important. I thank those who have already posted comments and suggestions, or offered to help. As has been pointed out, there is still work to do.
 If you have a yearning to write articles, rather than just providing information for the SPAH Webpage or by the way, for Harmonica Happenings, the choice of the subject matter is very broad. Write about your harmonica passion whether it is educational, fictional, historical, musical, philosophical, practical, technical or theoretical. Both serious and not so serious articles are accepted. Please do provide and acknowledge sources, including photos, where necessary and whenever possible. Â
 If you have something to share with the harmonica community, SPAHâs website can provide that opportunity. 
Manfred Wewers
SPAH Web Content Manager

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