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Mr. Harpbob,

Mr. Bob Cohen answered your concerns quite elegantly.

As to telling me you are sure I know better, HEY - GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Ouch. Not enough room for the both of us. Can you move your elbow, please? How'd you get in there? I thought it was locked....

As to SPAH getting sued, do you know the facts about this? I do. I was there. Richard Harris was a rogue nutcase. Final outcome said as much from the courts.

Anyone can be a nutcase and create grief through the legal system if they choose, no matter how overcautious one is.

Fear does prevent an organization from moving forward. 

Lessons from the past are valuable resources. However, OVERCAUTION can be just as crippling as doing nothing.

Well Behaved People Rarely Make History.

I'm for the WOW, not the YAWN.

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On Dec 18, 2011, at 11:30 AM, Bob McGraw wrote:

> Actually, Bob, that's exactly what The Iceman was suggesting.

I know what he said.  And, I'm sure he knows better. I read it as hyperbole to 
make the point that fear prevents the organization from moving forward. Caution 
is definitely justifiable, however. SPAH did get sued. We don't have a lot of 
money.  That said, we leave a valuable asset on the table if we don't try it 
over again applying the lessons of the past.



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