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and in regards to video of performers, my 4 year experience working with SPAH was that permission was a non-issue for everyone who ever performed except for Toots. Dirk, Toot's manager, only wanted 1 song recorded for inclusion in SPAH video. I negotiated with him through logic (gee Dirk, how will we know which song will be the only one to record?) and extreme trust that I had developed with them and was allowed to record the entire performance, only allowing 1 song to appear in the SPAH video. 

I am the only one who has the complete recorded set and have kept my promise to allow only that 1 song out.

As to getting the rights to each song that a performer plays that is not an original, realistically this is also a non-concern unless someone makes such a big deal talking and agonizing about it that it pops up on someone's radar. 

If you have the vision, heart and guts to make it happen, as long as you don't get too distracted with all the reasons it may not work out, magic happens. Too much caution will kill it before it begins. boring....

Hope the membership elects a fearless visionary as President. Then the fun begins....

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Hi, Winslow 

I think everyone who presents at SPAH is honored to be chosen/asked. I would 
simply make "presenter understands and agrees that video and/or slides of 
presentation will be made available on the SPAH web site" part of the deal when 
SPAH signs up presenters in the first place. I'd be shocked if anyone elected 
NOT to present under those terms.



> From: Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>
> 1) We would need the permission of presenters to share their presentation. Not 
all will agree, and others might demand compensation that we can't afford. Still 
others may be perfectly happy to share their message.


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