[Harp-L] Super Champ XD and Vibro Champ XD blowouts

Hi all,

I just discovered that online musical instrument retailers Music123.com and Musiciansfriend.com are blowing out Fender Super Champ XD and Vibro Champ XD amps for $200, shipping included.

These are 15 watt 10" speaker amps that include both traditional tube amplifier sections (two 6V6 and one 12AX7 tubes) with "modeled" preamp voicings.  I know some harp players love these amps, and guitar players love them even more.  These amps were selling for well over $300 a few months ago, and at $200 they're a damn good deal.

I'm not planning to replace my Digitech RPs with one of these, but if you want an amp that combines traditional tube technology with modeling that increases the flexibility of the amp significantly, this is well worth a look.  It's a lot of power and sound for the money.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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