[Harp-L] SPAH demographics

Hi Folks -

Just want to chime in on one of the recurring themes in the spah election thread so far, that of the demographics of convention attendees. 

I think we probably all agree that those of baby boomer age and older represent the biggest contingent, for the obvious reasons: spare time, spare money, fewer obligations. 

But I reject the notion that we must get more younger folks to attend in order to prevent a downward attendance spiral. When I was younger I knew about spah but could not even consider attending on account of both limited time and funds (these so often go hand-in-hand). But when I could afford more of both, I started attending. I know there are many who followed this same pattern.

It is true that people don't live forever, so naturally there is a tendency to think of the current model as unsustainable,  but this is silly, since there are plenty of people to take there place as they too find their circumstances changing in ways that will allow them to start attending. The poor economy will probably skew attendance for a while regardless of any changes we might make, but that is beyond our control. 

My only point is that the current model is not necessarily doomed to fail as some folks have implied over the last few years. 

I'm all for attracting more younger folks and encouraging them to participate, but no reason to suggest the current model will ultimately fail if we can't bring more youngsters into the fold. 

- Slim.

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