[Harp-L] Response to Winslow

Winslow, I really just wanted to share some of my thoughts early in
this election process.  I did not expect the manner in which you
responded.  I found it very confrontational.  I will NOT play that
game.  I would rather lose than play those games.  With that said you
have left me no other choice than to respond to your “spin” on my
original post.  I will take this one piece at a time for starting with
comment #1
===WARREN says: My goals are very simple when it comes to SPAH. I
would like to see the organization become more INCLUSIVE and less

===WINSLOW says: SPAH includes anyone who wants to join. To my
knowledge, SPAH does not exclude anyone. SPAH members self-select and
all are made to feel welcome. To imply otherwise is simply untrue, and
is unfair to the hardworking and welcoming staff and board members who
organize SPAH.

We have people joining SPAH and attending the convention from Korea,
India, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Germany, France, and the
UK and, I’m sure, from elsewhere. They even let in Canadians like me.

Among our stateside members and attendees, SPAH includes folks of all
ages and ethnic backgrounds.

***WARRENS REPLY:  the fact that I would like to see SPAH more
inclusive is based on my own SPAH membership experience over the last
9 years and my personal opinion.  To dispute my accuracy on these
feelings is silly. To accuse me of being unfair to the staff with my
opinion is offensive.  I served on the board for 3 years.  I know all
about the hard work. Here are some facts that lead me to my feelings
on this issue:
1)	Currently the “price of entry” to come to our only event (the 4
full day convention) is not small change.  After travel, hotel, food &
beverage and convention fee my guess is that the average attendee
spends well over $1000.00 to participate.  What else do we offer folks
that cannot afford the time or expense to come to our convention? My
desire is for SPAH to broaden its scope of offerings that will be more
inclusive to those with smaller budgets and limited ability to travel.
2)	The fact that membership numbers after 48 years remain well below
1000 tells me we need to broaden our scope and offerings.  I believe
that with a more inclusive philosophy and agenda we can find thousands
from around the world that would like to be involved with being a part
of preserving and advancing the harmonica.
3)	At the conventions themselves I have witnessed situations that
could be perceived as “not very inclusive”.  I believe that SPAH must
set the proper “tone” at its gatherings.  NO ONE that makes the trip
and spends their hard earned money should feel excluded in any way.
On numerous occasions I have been pulled aside at the convention and
gotten an “ear full” from folks that just “don’t get it” when they are
made to feel “less than others”.

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