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Hi Harry,
Thanks for the compliment. I think it's more respectful to the artist to make it your own rather then waste time trying to learn something he probably never played the same way twice outside the studio.

You should hear our version of Help Me. It's not the same old tired version every other band phones in. 

Take care

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> Michael,
> I like what you've done with the tune. Much more interesting than a copy-cat version, and the performance is nice and tight.
> Harry
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>> The band I'm in, The Humblers, is putting out it's first cd later this  
>> month.  It's a mix of original and cover songs centered around blues  
>> to come out of the 1960's.
>> My band mates wanted me to include a certain song on the cd that I   
>> originally objected to since it's a blues harp anthem. It is also the  
>> only song I sing on
>> the cd. I'm the weakest singer in the band. I figured if we were going  
>> to record it I'll put my own take on the song rather then trying to  
>> play a poor ass rendition of the original.  AFAIK only the original  
>> harp player recorded it.
>> I'll give you a hint.  Little Walter never performed it.  It is  
>> recommended to "Play it Loud". :)
>> It's on my website at www.harmonicarepair.com
>> Michael Easton
>> www.harmonicarepair.com

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