Subject: Re: [Harp-L] soundproofing an interior room - another idea

Geez, did growing 'weed' come into this?
Some of us are bona-fide gardeners who love growing vegetables in our  
gardens in the limited time available to us in a Northern Spring/Summer and who  
think hydroponic/aeroponic gardening for Fall and Winter is a great idea 
for  healthy eating. Further, I personally don't have any interest whatsoever 
in  'weed'. 
My suggestion of this indoor hydroponic 'booth' is specifically because  
they really CAN cut down on sound if they're placed  further inside a bigger 
room and not up against a wall. As long as one  adds a good thick base inside 
(carpeting?), and something on top (thick   batting, perhaps?), the sound 
could even be prevented from transmitting to the  apartment (or room) above 
and below. The idea was to use this as a starting base  and with some 
ingenuity pad it out enough TO be used as an improvised sound  booth (which run 
into the $5,000 and up range for anything close to this  size).
I've read numerous articles in re the issue of sound problems in High-Rise  
apartments and Condos and the use of simple sound panels mounted on walls 
and/or  special vinyl sound deflection material inside studs IS succeeding in 
 cutting down tremendously on sound transmission. It's an ongoing issue for 
 many people every little bit helps. For those who can't open up 
a  wall, this is a possible alternative solution. I'd certainly try it if I 
still  lived in an Apartment.
As to the site Michelle posted - these are the very same hydroponic 'tents' 
 and shows the various sizes available, but at much higher prices for the 
same  size (8x4x6-l/2feet) I found on EBay and posted earlier. BTW, the same 
seller  still has more of the same size coming up for under $200 - the newer 
site  wants more than double that amount. 
The material isn't plain 'fabric' and one can also easily add  batting or 
sound reducing curtains (hang them on plastic or wood rings from the  upper 
rails?) for sound muting. 
As long as no moisture is introduced (necessary for plant growing),  a 
'booth' of 8x4 should be more than adequate to play music comfortably in  for 
some time while seated since it's nearly equivalent in size  to many current 
Apartment bathrooms, as long as one takes adequate breaks and  doesn't build 
up any high levels of carbon monoxide. A small LED lamp  should give 
sufficient light since it also doesn't build excess heat (I won't  recommend 
fluorescent lighting since they trigger migraine headaches for me  and others). 
Just how big is the inside of a car with no windows open? There  should be 
nothing remotely 'stuffy' about this kind of set up  - we're not talking about 
a tiny box.
Since I don't live in an Apartment and have the ease of being able to play  
at all hours of the night in a high-ceilinged room without concern over  
disturbing anyone, I don't need such a thing...but I'd like to know that 
there's  something affordable out there for those who do have noise restrictions 
in their  housing because it would kill me personally to be unable to play 
my music  at will.
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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] soundproofing an interior room -  another idea
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It takes  mass to prevent transmission. The fabric tents may be OK for 
growing weed but  they are not going to be very effective in containing sound. 
Think about how hot  and stuffy it would be sitting in one of those things. 
Open a flap for  ventilation and you have entirely lost even the weak sound 
confinement that one  may afford.


On Dec 3, 2011, at 8:49 AM, Michelle LeFree  wrote:

> Larry Sandy writes:
>> Oops, the link says: This  listing (3103625271) has been removed, or 
this item is not available.
> A little birdy tells me that these indoor "grow tents" are widely  
available in a variety of sizes. He also tells me that the "Growlab" brand comes  
highly recommended for its heavy-duty zippers and Velcro flap-covered 
windows.  Furthur, he allows that this web site has great prices and provides 
excellent  service with fast, cheap shipping:
> Anyway, that's what  that little birdy told me. ;-)
> Michelle

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