Re: [Harp-L] Harp-L Compilations - a different approach

Van wrote:
Ken is right. I did a couple of the compilations. This was back before the days of MP3 and easy video production. It was definitely not a for-profit venture. However, I got enough orders to cover production costs and was not dissapointed as Ken indicated.

Oh man, I'm so happy to hear that. At the time I misinterpreted some posts.

It was a lot of fun putting together the compilations. I would do it again in a heart beat.

You did an amazing job.

However, I agree with Ken that it is no longer needed given the technology today.

Glad to see that there's been some discussion of how to do that. Not only does today's technology make it much, much easier to allow for even monthly or quarterly Harp-l comps, but frankly the whole idea of doing albums is almost gone, except in relation to having merch to sell at gigs. A player can double the nightly income if there's a CD/Download card available for sale.

Back then the comps let us know what each player was up to. YouTube takes care of that now.

We'd need an awfully good new reason to put together comps at this point.

I could see making a sort of "best of Harp-L" compilation at some point, and it sounds like Ken has already done that to some extent.

I haven't really done that. But it would be a fine idea to make those comps available for download in zip files. I'd host 4 & 5 for a month if you want to make 'em up. Contact me offlist if you're interested.


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