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Ken is right.  I did a couple of the compilations.  This was back before the days of MP3 and easy video production.  It was definitely not a for-profit venture.  However, I got enough orders to cover production costs and was not dissapointed as Ken indicated.  It was a lot of fun putting together the compilations.  I would do it again in a heart beat.  However, I agree with Ken that it is no longer needed given the technology today.  Nevertheless, there are some great tracks on those compilations. Ken is spot on with his observation of the tracks.  Some are fantastic while others are not.  However, the purpose of the compilations back then was to compile all submissions of Harp-L members which was a pretty small group at the time.  I could see making a sort of "best of Harp-L" compilation at some point, and it sounds like Ken has already done that to some extent.


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At 07:30 AM 11/30/2011, Seth Galitzer wrote:
Bein's as we are in the Age of the Internets, seems like it would make 
sense to create a YouTube or Reverbnation channel (or something similar) 
to host this.  I dunno if putting it on CDBaby would make sense or 
not.  Of course, the tricky part is finding a benevolent host to manage 
this and willing to turn it over when they depart.  The other tricky part 
is handling the royalty payments for people who choose to do covers.
The last one that I knew about was done by Van Fischer - I think that was 
is name.  He put huge amounts of time and his own money into it and then 
idn't sell enough back to the list to make back his investment.  He wasn't 
rying to make a penny, just get back his investment.  He was pretty 
isappointed.  He was a very fine cat who worked his ass off on Harp-l V 
nd got no reward.  He even mastered the comp, which was not cheap.
I was involved with a few, and even designed at least one of the 
overs.  The one Van did had two disks.  I include the listings below.
Even back then I thought it might be reasonable to just do these comps 
nline - but there was no YouTube back in those old bearded days.
I believe there is no longer ANY reason to make a CD, or even a delineated 
roup release.  Those days are over and done, but ESPECIALLY for a group of 
riends, as we are, who just want to share our ideas with each 
ther.  There was never any sense that we were going to make a dime from 
hese comps, it was just a fun thing to do.
Heck, the main reason it was exciting back then was so that we could hear 
ach other's work, which is no longer a problem.
So the idea of a Harp-l YouTube channel is smack-on.  We've been uploading 
ur tracks there and telling each other about them for a long time now.  A 
hannel would be a fun - though fairly meaningless - way to pull our 
aterial together.
One of the problems with the CD comps, and this will seem heartless I'm 
fraid, is that music by professionals and accomplished amateurs was mixed 
n with some student work.  They weren't much fun to listen to, at least to 
e, until I ripped the tracks that had musical meaning to me and re-burned 
hem together.
I suspect that this may have been why Van had such disappointing sales 
igures.  By the time the fifth comp was created it was clear that a 
emocratic comp wasn't going to be alot of fun for anyone to listen to 
ithout culling.
Now here's an idea fer ya.  We might be able to create a website that'd 
ink to YouTube uploads by Harp-lers.  It's not the hardest thing in the 
orld these days to create a "Vote Up" system like they have on 
igg.  There'd be two grades of uploads.  If you feel like your work could 
it alongside Joe Leone's or Richard Sleigh's you're welcome to put your 
ork on one list, and if you're a student who wants to get some critique 
ut your work on the other list.
When Ken Deifik announces he's posted to the first list, anyone who cares 
o listen to it can then rate it on a scale of 1-10.  A back end system 
ould then tally ratings and his track'd get a month on a Recent list, with 
urrent rating.  After a month maybe that track'd be moved to a comp list 
f EVERYTHING.  The highest rated recordings would be found up on top of 
hat list.
FaceBook might even have apps to do everything I've just outlined.
Since nobody'd make a nickel from the endeavor, there would be no royalties 
o pay, either for sales or performance rights.  I'm not sure, but it's 
ossibe that there wouldn't even be a requirement for obtaining 
icenses.  Nobody's making any money.  Just like real harmonica players.
YouTube serves the music for free, and if there are FaceBook apps to handle 
he voting, then that's free, too.  Dang.
I'm just throwing this out there.  If any of the owners of harmonica sites 
ant to take this idea and apply it to their site, go for it.
That is, Harp-l's future is in some doubt.  But if it survives the loss of 
JM we could do it out of here.
In any case, it's more relevant than making a CD, or even an online comp.
Here's the listing for Harp-l V (I believe).  There are fewer amateurs here 
han I realized.  There was actually alot of good work on it.
As a reward for getting so far in this long, windy note you can download my 
wn contribution to the comp at .  It's called Night 
ay, and it's me on harp and guitar.
CD 1
. Ryan Hartt - Rock All Night
. Doug Burns - Messin' With the Kid
. David Lipkind - Achin' Heart, Skin, and Bone
. Van Fischer - Temple of Doom
. Ken Deifik - Night Ray
. Jesse Elliott - Recado Bossa Nova
. Randy Singer - Gringo Harmonica Orchestra
. John Thaden - Ashokan Farewell/Walked All The Way
. Mike Will - Stormy Sea II
0. John Kally - Tone Zone #1
1. Bill Lifford - Lose My Patience
2. Tom Albanese - 300 Pounds of Joy
3. Ben Felten - Evil
4. Raymond Van Lienden - Roller Coaster
5. Allen Holmes - Footprints (SPAH Jazz Jam Solo)
6. Chris Michalek - Footprints (SPAH Jazz Jam Solo)
7. Richard Weintrager - Giboen's Wake
8. Jerome Blanes - Testing My Amp
D 2
. Steve Grimm - Can't Keep It Up
. Daine Paul Russell - 15 Years
. Bill Hunneke - It's Everywhere
. Fred Stover - Stormy Weather
. Sam Gravina - Theme from Reverie
. Al Boehnlein - Military Medley
. Tom Colvin - Too Many Cooks
. Harmonica John - Find Me
. Steve Webb - Streets
0. John "Chon" Sawyer - Trust My Baby
1. Ken Ficara - Mississippi Blues
2. Ed Vedock - Long As I Can See the Light
3. Rick Marsh - Hideaway
4. Scott Gold - Little Bit (feat. Mr. Yamada acoustic harp/vocal)
5. SPAH Jazz Jam - Footsteps (feat. Randy Singer, William Galison, Allen
olmes, Chris Michalek)

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