Re: [Harp-L] Re: soundproofing an interior room - another idea

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Subject: [Harp-L] Re: soundproofing an interior room - another idea
Here you go: those who think having a 'booth' of some kind to play  
harmonica within is the best solution for sound 'proofing'.

I stumbled upon this Indoor (can be used in a shed or garage as well) 8'x4' 
quick assembly/disassembly hydroponic 'growing room' (booth) on Ebay. Free 
shipping too (which won't help those outside of the US but there might be  
something similar available in other countries). I imagine if one were to  
line the floor with a thick piece of carpeting, get some batting (they make  
rigid versions for sound proofing) to tie up to the ceiling and walls  (A 
lot of States have centers where one can buy unused/leftover home  
construction materials for low cost specifically to benefit Habitat for  Humanity) - 
bring in a chair and a good light - it might make a nifty little  fairly 
sound-proofed harmonica 'playing studio' there you go. 


The bonus is - you could play for the plants you might want to grow as  
well: fresh vegetables all winter? <G>


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