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Thank You for this wonderful and on the money post and YOUR continued support of SPAH!

I've been with SPAH since the mid 70's and have watched it grow in wonderful and marvelous directions.
In the past 5 years Tom Stryker has worked hard and built SPAH from a very overworked staff of 3 to 9 ( very able bodied assistants all with tremendous skills in their own fields of expertise.)

He has revamped the Conferencing System, and worked HARD to "Sure Up" The Org's infrastructure by bringing in a new Accounting System and Vendor & Sponsorship programs as well as pro PR and Website Editing for our Magazine and much more.

Yes, the IRON CURTAIN between The Diatonic & Chromatic has finally FELL and it feels liberating for us all...thank you SPAH.

I cannot think of a better and more qualified and talent harmonica player with terrific organizational skills and deep understanding of our instrument than WINSLOW YERXA.

Winslow, thank you for stepping up to bat and you have my FULL support and Vote.

Thank you Tom Stryker as you go into your last year and know we appreciate all you have done to perpetuate this great instrument the Harmonica.

Thanks to all the current staff that makes this happen day to day and a HUGE thanks to the founding fathers and architects of SPAH like Earl Collins Jr. and Danny Wilson and so many more from the early Michigan days for bringing their dream to fruition thru MUCH hard work.

If you are not yet a member of SPAH, please consider signing up today here and amking us even stronger:

and also to Harp-L that allows us to communicate for free and in good spirit.

Another terrific Org is the National Harmonica League in the UK and I've been writing for them the past few years, this month I will post a writeup on the career of Tom Stryker with help from my editor Roger Trobridge.

Rob Paparozzi
Bernie Bray Recipient 2009

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Hi All
SPAH has done a good job for the Harmonica over a good number of years. Though it's primarily an American organization, it does have a European presence & it is connected to all the national Harmonica clubs in Europe.

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