[Harp-L] New procedure for those interested in SPAH presidency

Awhile ago I announced that SPAH is seeking candidates to
run for president and encouraged anyone interested in running to get in touch
with me.
Iâm now asking anyone interested in running to contact SPAH
President Tom Stryker at t-s-t-r-y-k-e-r-1@xxxxxxxxx (remove the dashes to make it a valid email address).
The reason for this change is to avoid a conflict of
interest, as Iâve decided to run for president myself.
Iâll be making a full announcement shortly.
Winslow Yerxa
Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5
Harmonica instructor, The Jazzschool for Music Study and Performance
Resident expert, bluesharmonica.com
Columnist, harmonicasessions.com

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