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Down the road I plan of doing mods to the amp and having a 2x8 (8A150 and 8A125-O)extension cab made to run all 3 8"s at once for the most volume as possible. But all this is at least a year down the road.

Why stick with 8s? If you're going to get/build a 2x cab, I'd recommend 2x10s or a 10/12 for harp. I have a 2x10 8 ohms = 16 ohms cab I partner with the VHT 6v6 [6Watts] amp [16 ohms output jack] and the tone is incredible and the volume of air pushed is more than doubled!.. estimate +3db in sound.

Plus if you intend to run an 8" in the combo along with an 2x extension cab you will have x 3 in parallel = the 125A35A output transformer secondary is 3.2 ohms, and so probably have to swap the original 4 ohms speaker for an 8 ohms. 3x8 ohms = 2.6 ohms +/- it's close but not exactly what the amp was designed to do. And then you won't be able to run the combo by itself as it was intended. Like when you want to practice or jamming in a small room.

I'd just wire an extension jack that opens the connection to the normal speaker output when the plug is inserted and then you don't have to worry about swapping the speaker or dealing with impedance issues by using 2x8ohms speakers in parallel= 4 ohms, same as the impedance the OT "sees" with the original 1x8" 4ohms speaker. Just plug the ext cab in and go, then unplug for the combo with 1x8 by itself. Easy!

And while you're at it, add a voltage divider and another jack for a line-out to the PA when you need "the most volume as possible.";wap2

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