[Harp-L] Re: Bought my first Harp amp!

You might be interested to know that from from 1964 to 1982 Fender never 
changed the circuit of the Champ. The circuit is so simple for once Fender 
realized it works so don't fix it.  The only changes were cosmetic, i.e. the 
"blackface" of the 60s which changed to "silverface", the one you've got, in 
the late 60s.  Even though the circuits are the same and sonically identical 
the "blackface" versions command considerable more money due to being more 
desirable to collectors.

BTW, swapping out for a Weber may or may not be good idea. Fender swapped 
speaker brands over the years and off the top of my head don't know what was 
used in '74. If it has an original Jensen, I'd keep it. The original Jensens 
are legendary for good reason.  If you did want to change, I would go for 
the Weber 8A100 rather than the 8A125 unless you want to go for a somewhat 
cleaner sound, which kind of defeats the point of a Champ. The 125 would 
work fine but is more speaker than is required.  In my Kalamazoo, which is a 
similar low wattage amp, I swapped the original 10" CTS for a 10A100. I 
found the Weber gave a little more headroom before breakup and was also a 
bit louder. If you buy the Weber new, order the harp dust cap.}

    Thanks for the info on the Champ I didn't know it was the same amp circut from beginning to end. As for the Weber speaker I already have the 8A125 (with Harp DC). Down the road I plan of doing mods to the amp and having a 2x8 (8A150 and 8A125-O)extension cab made to run all 3 8"s at once for the most volume as possible. But all this is at least a year down the road.

Joey Anchors


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