Re: [Harp-L] Going Solo?

I guess it boils down to this: Music is not only music but entertainment as well.

If you can entertain and engage a crowd it'll work.

There are many different types of gigs/venues/audiences out there. Sometimes you have to tailor your approach. 

I've done many shows where I end up playing as much as 4 sets of roughly 45min to an hour (it's hard work) but if you get them up and dancing or engage them and include them on your musical journey no-one's gonna think twice that you're only one guy with a harp (hell they'll like it more because of that)...

The only way you can make it work is by doing it...

Go for it Mike... You may win some, you may lose some but even when you lose you gain experience... So it's really a win win situation.

All the best

Dave Ferguson
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Nice thread and good discussion. 
I do solo shows pretty often, everything from 15 minutes to 2 set concerts. Never done 3 set. 

I play diatonic harmonica, chromatic harmonica, bass harmonica, guitar and accordion on my solo shows. 
i can get different ensembles inside this
diatonic solo
chromatic solo
bass harp solo
guitar (solo) + rack harp
accordion (solo) + diatonic harp or chromatic harp

The music moves between jazz, folk and blues. Both traditional and original music.
I have ended up on many nice venues, different jazz & folk blues, prize giving events, meetings, muncipality arrangements, schools etc.

Welcome to check my youtube channel, there are some different clips

Harp and accordion

harp and guitar (folkstyle)

harp and guitar (jazz)

Solo harmonica

And so on. 

I dont sing on my perfomances (yet).

I think its very good to have a solo show, one learns a lot and its very funny and challenging. 

Cool, lets keep on inspiring each other!

/ Filip Jers

22 aug 2011 kl. 06.27 skrev Mike Fugazzi:

> For you one man band types...anyone able to pull off a three set
> show?  I am getting to the point with work, my booking agent, and more
> importantly my family, that I think I'd be content doing solo shows.
> I've been rehearsing for a year (and have done two sets) with just me,
> my rig, and a looper.  I guess it is sorta Son of Dave meets Otis
> Taylor meets Blues Traveler, lol.
> I guess my reservations are in trying to play a full 4 hour gig (up to
> 3 one hour sets).  I've thought about adding a guitar player for about
> half the night.  Any ideas or suggestions?  I think I'd hit up the
> clubs that pay $300 a night for 3-4 piece blues or classic rock
> bands.  I'd be playing about 50% of each and working in originals.
> I would be content playing 2-3 shows a month within an hour of home.
> I own a full PA and lights and have a rig that is $150 short of being
> complete (need a stombox rig).  There is a place 5min from my house
> that would let me do 3x45min sets and I think there is another that
> would let me do a number of 2hr shows, but does any non-harp player
> want to listen to three sets of solo stuff?
> I was toying with playing to a few backing type tracks, but it would
> be mostly solo harp and then a looped setup similar to what has been
> shared on the list before.  I am extremely confident in my vocals and
> ability to create arrangements.  My big concerns are holding a crowd.
> Thanks!

Filip Jers

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