[Harp-L] Going Solo?

For you one man band types...anyone able to pull off a three set
show?  I am getting to the point with work, my booking agent, and more
importantly my family, that I think I'd be content doing solo shows.
I've been rehearsing for a year (and have done two sets) with just me,
my rig, and a looper.  I guess it is sorta Son of Dave meets Otis
Taylor meets Blues Traveler, lol.

I guess my reservations are in trying to play a full 4 hour gig (up to
3 one hour sets).  I've thought about adding a guitar player for about
half the night.  Any ideas or suggestions?  I think I'd hit up the
clubs that pay $300 a night for 3-4 piece blues or classic rock
bands.  I'd be playing about 50% of each and working in originals.

I would be content playing 2-3 shows a month within an hour of home.
I own a full PA and lights and have a rig that is $150 short of being
complete (need a stombox rig).  There is a place 5min from my house
that would let me do 3x45min sets and I think there is another that
would let me do a number of 2hr shows, but does any non-harp player
want to listen to three sets of solo stuff?

I was toying with playing to a few backing type tracks, but it would
be mostly solo harp and then a looped setup similar to what has been
shared on the list before.  I am extremely confident in my vocals and
ability to create arrangements.  My big concerns are holding a crowd.


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