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So here is the chart, and if you want to hear it in action, some links to
YouTube videos where I play tunes using the tuning.

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> Sure, Gary, I am interested! You might explain where you see the
> advantages.
> Heiner
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>  I have tried dimi, it's not my favorite.
> Currently I use a handful of tunings; standard, major cross, IV6/V6, and a
> hybrid tuning I came up with which I call New World--it's circular on the
> bottom, and standard on the top--
> So the draw chord on the bottom is Imaj7, and holes 5-10 are like 4-9 on
> standard. So the first octave of major scale has the draw bends in the right
> place to get the accidents we use, and the second octave is normal, so you
> can use OB. Third octave is normal too, but the top note is missing.
> I will send you a chart if you are interested.

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