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About 2 years ago there was a post on the list - you might search for
'Paris' in Harp-L archives. Major-Pigalle was mentioned as the best Hamonica
store - even in France. In addition there are lots of music shops in the
near vicinity (e.g: rue Fontaine). In addition to this I found many stores
in the 'rue de Rome'.



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I just returned from a great trip to Paris, France.  While there, I made it
my business to locate and look at any local music store I found.  After
asking around, and checking the internet, how many music stores (dedicated
to musical instruments, not to sheet music and/or recordings) did I find? 
Zero.  Was I just not looking in the right places?  I asked at local stores,
and nobody knew anything. I also was surprised to find a significant dearth
of street musicians  in Monmartre, and in Le Metro.  
What happened to the Paris I used to know?

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