[Harp-L] Effects Pedals: Any experience w. Boss Rotary or Eventide Time Factor?

After years of playing 'clean', with a Beta 58 through the house, or with a Rivera tube amp, I have started using some pedals.

To that end, I am grateful to the big contributions from Richard Hunter and others on the universe of digital effects.  
I have learned alot from the occassional 'forum' on these pages concerning amps and effects.

My aim now is this : a variety of reverb and delay options, plus like many I crave getting that Leslie sound. ( I even play with a guy who has a B3 but the live opportunities are few with the beast).

My question is this: I am wondering about 2 pieces of hardware, which seem brilliant with the guitar, and I am wondering if anyone has had experience with them with harmonicas? 

For the Leslie effect, that would be the BOSS RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor, and for a myriad of delay effects, the Eventide Time Factor. Also wondering if anyone has used other Eventide pedals, successfully or problematically?


Southerly Change, Australia

Firstly, I have been enjoying the 

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