Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Poor presentations of harmonica how to video

Listen to Emile. Them that cares that much about the visual aren't  really 
listening to the content.
Those of us who're your friends and who've watched your videos don't  care 
one whit if you've shaved or wear a suit or even baby  spit-up<G> while 
imparting a lesson.
Roger has the option of not watching those videos which visually displease  
him, as do all who consider that aspect of Free teaching videos  of vital 
importance. The rest of us are very glad there are people  like you who are 
willing to spend  time giving of their talents and  skills. It is very much 
I have absolutely no idea what you've worn or how you appeared in the last  
few teaching vids you've put on YouTube since I only paid attention to  the 
actual lesson. Who'd a thunk? 
IF you're still considering making some upgrades by choice, you  might wish 
to look for old portable movie screens (the kind  used to view 8 and 16mm 
movies/slides). I believe some thrift  shops/EBay might still carry them. A 
darker sheet can be draped on or possibly  substituted for the screen if the 
original is old and/or torn. (I've  made my own roller shades from fabric in 
the past using fusible webbing -  so was thinking along those lines.)
Here's a link for a new one - but I'm not really thinking 'new':
Okay. Decided to do an online search since I tried to figure something  
which would work for you yet not be dangerous around a small child (ruled out  
door-panel 'privacy screens' for one) :
...found this on EBay within seconds: - even with shipping, it  seems 
fairly reasonable, so I'm sure with real digging there are probably  others out 

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