[Harp-L] Impressionism and Baroque Music on Chromatic Harmonica

Hi friends

I want to share two youtube clips with you, 

first I perform Claude Debussy Syrinx for solo flute, on harmonica. This is a great piece of music composed in 1913 by C. Debussy. Very french and beautiful piece of music. This piece is a must for every classical flute player. 


Second, Me and fluteist Tobias Carron plays Georg Philipp Telemann - Six Sonatas for two flutes - Sonata 4 Affettuoso. 
This music was composed around 280 years ago and its works good for harmonica. Good music is good music!


These perfomances took place in Sandviken Chamber Music Festival in Sweden, two weeks ago. I was happy to have the chance to perform there and move our beloved instrument to this sort of audience. 

If you check this clip as well,,,


I play some diatonic harp, using some blues techniques, some Sonny Terry stuff and other cool tricks... They like it!

Welcome to comment and check it out!

All the best and hope you like it, 
Filip Jers, Stockholm

Filip Jers


phone: 0046 768 08 25 50


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