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I think most people on here would be fine with a nice Seydel or the new Hohner "Crossover"
for $62 (to $75). I started on Marine Band 39 years ago and just came back to it with the "Crossover"
recently. I have one set up by all round good guy Mike Fugazzi and 4 other ones that all
played great out of the box. In Canada there's a nice guy named Jeff Wilson who is the official Hohner
repair guy that tweaks them before he sells them to you. I just bought 2 off him for $62 each. 
I've got various low tuned harps but when my low "F" goes I'm picking up a Hohner "Thunderbird" next.
Jeff showed me one at his shop, looked beautiful. 
I don't think Howard Levy would put his name on this stuff if it were crap. 
Btw, I'm at the Collingwood Blues Festival next Sunday Aug.21 with Frank Garcia. Frank produced
 videos by Long John Baldry and Fabulous Thurderbirds and he's also a blues singer, harp player, and life long
supporter of harp players. 

Joe Pinto
Little Joe & the Werewolves 

Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 13:28:58 -0700
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You did not miss much on the B Rad, I have one, it is nice for jazz, but I go to my out of the box Seydel for everything else. I ordered mine before the news shows and the  resulting hype, at the time they said 4 months after the news shows it took 16 months, then they sent me a defective harp that I sent back and requested my money back, 2 month later I get the harp back, once again it is not all that.

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I never ordered the harp because I was watching the
posts and insane delay times and also reading lots of negative customer
service feedback. What amazes me is the number of brain washed

Joe Pinto
Little Joe & the Werewolves 


Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 21:11:34 -0700
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I like what you said about HH. Bradley fucked up and everyone wants to kiss his ass. I have a real he is an asshole story and I haven't even bothered because I knew everyone else would eventually figure him  out.

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If you take the approach through life of writing things
off as "just one of those" things then you will be an even
poorer than standard harmonica player.  Also, it gives bad business
people the impression that they can get away with fraud. 
I'll just play the "feel sorry for me" card and everything is going to be ok. 
That's the approach people took when they were 12 years old.
Isn't it enough that we have to watch crooked club owners and some
promoters, but to worry about fellow musicians ?!!
Do you have piles of cash to waste on shit deals ? I don't. 

A DEAL IS A DEAL and and a man's word should be worth
more than gold. I have had an entiire Blues festival go south through
a sponsor backing out but I got a bank loan to pay the musicians. 
I suffered paying the loan for a few years BUT everyone got paid.

Joe Pinto
Little Joe & the Werewolves 

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> Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 20:43:26 +0100
> Subject: [Harp-L] Harrison Harmonicas
> I have never been fortunate enough to buy a customised harmonica, but I
> remember the advice of the late lamented F R Farrell (surely of Irish
> extraction) that anyone not capable of maintaining his own harmonica could
> not afford to play one. 
> I did however have the happy experience of having two Hohner 270 chromatics
> rebuilt by a Scotsman resident in Staffordshire. I can testify that both of
> these instruments played better than when I purchased them factory fresh.
> I am sorry to say that in the experience of my mature (very mature) years I
> have come to the conclusion that nobody - including Larry Adler- ever got
> rich from playing the harmonica. Sadly even fewer have achieved financial
> security from repairing/customising them.
> One of these days I shall speculate a few bucks (Euros in these parts)in
> purchasing a custom harmonica. If the misfortunate vendor goes 'belly
> upwards' before filling my order, I shall write it off as "just one of those
> things".
> In the meantime I shall try to say a prayer for the misfortunate Mr.
> Harrison, who I have only heard of courtesy of this list, for his courage in
> "having a go".
> Beannachtai
> Aongus Mac Cana


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