[Harp-L] Harrison Harmonicas

I have never been fortunate enough to buy a customised harmonica, but I
remember the advice of the late lamented F R Farrell (surely of Irish
extraction) that anyone not capable of maintaining his own harmonica could
not afford to play one. 

I did however have the happy experience of having two Hohner 270 chromatics
rebuilt by a Scotsman resident in Staffordshire. I can testify that both of
these instruments played better than when I purchased them factory fresh.

I am sorry to say that in the experience of my mature (very mature) years I
have come to the conclusion that nobody - including Larry Adler- ever got
rich from playing the harmonica. Sadly even fewer have achieved financial
security from repairing/customising them.

One of these days I shall speculate a few bucks (Euros in these parts)in
purchasing a custom harmonica. If the misfortunate vendor goes 'belly
upwards' before filling my order, I shall write it off as "just one of those

In the meantime I shall try to say a prayer for the misfortunate Mr.
Harrison, who I have only heard of courtesy of this list, for his courage in
"having a go".


Aongus Mac Cana

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