Re: [Harp-L] My Harp Gear Slideshow

 Nice slide show, and i will have to attest to Hal Iwan's
cases, they are really good high quality! 
Thanks Hal, and thanks Rob!




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I started playing back in 67' and remember carrying my Harps around in everything from a Sock to a Tackle Box....I'm glad that has all changed. 
Back then there was no such thing as a Harp played whatever was available and had NO control over the volume... 
I have finally found all I need and I'm glad to say I'm a proud endorsee of these products 
that make my life in the studio and on the road so much more enjoyable. 
So as a way of saying thanx to those Companies and is a little slideshow I put together.... 
I DO NOT endorsee them because I get free gear, I do have to pay for my gear and ofcourse the pro discounts are nice but I endorse these products because "I" asked for them and BELIEVE in them and most of all they allowed me INPUT to make their products better for my needs and hopefully all Harmonica Players... 
all the best, 
Rob Paparozzi  


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