Re: [Harp-L] Old Time Rock n' Roll - Horn solo

This is why it's an advantage to know the technical side of music. You can explain it to other people. 
I play much of what I play using this "country" scale in some form. I don't understand much of the theory stuff, but I have figured out that it doesn't sound good to play draw 5 and that draw 4 and blow 5 are good notes. The key for me is getting the bend on 3 draw, which i have spent a lot of time on. Sliding into and out of that note can make or break a song, in my opinion.
Steve Webb in Minnesota

---- "John F. Potts" <hvyj@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Denny,
> It's been a while, but I've played "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" off and on  
> for years.  I never try to imitate the sax solo note-for-note, (I  
> rarely imitate any recording note-for- note) but you can get the same  
> type of  feel and phrasing if you use a major pentatonic scale to  
> play the solo.  In second position the major pentatonic scale is:  2D/ 
> 3B  3D** 3D  4D  5B  6B.  In degrees of the scale this is: 1, 2, 3,  
> 5, 6, octave. Some people refer to this as the "country scale," but  
> it's also used on A LOT of R&B material. I generally start the solo  
> on the 5th (4D) and work from there.
> When using the major pentatonic scale to improvise, you can sometimes  
> throw in 4D*(5b)  and 3D*(3b) in passing for flavor if they sound  
> good on the particular tune, but, in general, you don't lean on those  
> notes like you might do when playing blues. And, in general, don't  
> play ANY flat 7ths (D5, D2**, D9).
> JP

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