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The problem is that general reference doesn't help with tremolo harmonicas, as their tuning varies from model to model and even from key to key.

Coast2Coast has free tuning charts for some models of tremolo on their website, but as the one for Hohner models references only one key, it doesn't give the kind of information sought, as not all models start on the tonic note, as originally referred to and as confirmed by me from the tremolos I happened to have lying around.


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Hello, Niall.
There is a good reference book for the tremolo and octave harps: "Tremolo  
& Octave Harmonica Method," by Phil Duncan, Mel Bay publication.
It's an introduction to tremolos and octave harps, with a CD, and it has  
note charts of various 
size (amount of holes) tremolo & octave double reed harmonicas.
It also has note charts for the double reed tremolos and octaves from  
14-hole through 24 hole models.
It doesn't mention brand names (except the Huang models), so it's a general 
It may be useful. Check it out at a sheet music store or music instrument  
retail store.
Best Regards
John Broecker

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