[Harp-L] Re: Tremolo Harps: Star/Kreuzwender/Sextet/Carambola

Hello, Niall.
There is a good reference book for the tremolo and octave harps: "Tremolo  
& Octave Harmonica Method," by Phil Duncan, Mel Bay publication.
It's an introduction to tremolos and octave harps, with a CD, and it has  
note charts of various 
size (amount of holes) tremolo & octave double reed harmonicas.
It also has note charts for the double reed tremolos and octaves from  
14-hole through 24 hole models.
It doesn't mention brand names (except the Huang models), so it's a general 
It may be useful. Check it out at a sheet music store or music instrument  
retail store.
Best Regards
John Broecker

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