RE: [Harp-L] Crossroads Legends on Harp on youtube

I like it. You should definitely re-record. It could be a cross-over hit for you!


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> Subject: [Harp-L] Crossroads Legends on Harp on youtube
> Robert Johnson's impact on the Blues will go on forever along with the myths 
> and folklore about both the great Tommy Johnson and Robert Johnson selling 
> their soul to be the best Blues Guitarists etc and on and on,-)
> I don't think there are any recordings of Robert Johnson on Harmonica but it 
> was said he could play a mean harp and even jaw harp.
> I wrote this song with all this in mind back in the 80's so this Demo has 
> that 80's electric drum sound we all learned to hate quickly,-)
> I think some was asking for a soundtrack for a movie about Robert Johnson so 
> this session came out of that.....the song is called:
> Hellhound Jubilee. I'm thinking of rerecording this tune with a REAL 
> band!,-)
> The Harps are 2nd & 3rd position we did this in a NYC apt that is Jon Paris 
> from Johnny Winter's band on Slide Guitar and aside from the Harp and Vocals 
> the rest was done on a Synth!...
> all the best,
> Rob Paparozzi
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