[Harp-L] Crossroads Legends on Harp on youtube

Robert Johnson's impact on the Blues will go on forever along with the myths and folklore about both the great Tommy Johnson and Robert Johnson selling their soul to be the best Blues Guitarists etc and on and on,-)

I don't think there are any recordings of Robert Johnson on Harmonica but it was said he could play a mean harp and even jaw harp.

I wrote this song with all this in mind back in the 80's so this Demo has that 80's electric drum sound we all learned to hate quickly,-)
I think some was asking for a soundtrack for a movie about Robert Johnson so this session came out of that.....the song is called:
Hellhound Jubilee. I'm thinking of rerecording this tune with a REAL band!,-)

The Harps are 2nd & 3rd position we did this in a NYC apt that is Jon Paris from Johnny Winter's band on Slide Guitar and aside from the Harp and Vocals the rest was done on a Synth!...


all the best, Rob Paparozzi

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